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How to Find Tags of YouTube videos

If you are a YouTuber and want to make your video appear first on YouTube search result, sometimes you may need to know tags of a YouTube video which is already ranking first in YouTube search result for the same keywords as yours. For example, you made a video on how to make your video appear firsts on YouTube search result and you just searched on YouTube for the same keyword (for keyword research purpose) and you found that there is already a video which is ranking first for the same keyword. Then you'll definitely want to know tags of that video to apply them to your own video and get a lot more views on your video. Although, YouTube does not allow you to know other’s videos tags directly but there are many methods to find tags of YouTube videos such as finding tags of any YouTube video from source code which is very complex and time-consuming method but I’m going to show you a simple and less time-consuming method to find tags of any YouTube videos directly on YouTube watch page.

here is a simple method by which you can easily find tags of any video on YouTube. read on.

The stepwise process to find tags of any YouTube videos

Step 1: Open Chrome Web Store (go to chrome://apps/ and click on web store) or if you are using Firefox, go to extension and search for the term “TubeBuddy for YouTube”. A TubeBuddy plugin will appear in the search result (see the picture below).

Step 2: Click on add to chrome. An add extension Pop-up will appear as shown in the picture below. Click on ad button.

Step 3: You have successfully installed TubeBuddy plugin. Now you need to Sign-in for TubeBuddy using your YouTube account. Click on Sign-in as shown in the picture below.

Step 4: Click on “Sign-in with YouTube button”. (see the picture)

Step 5: you have successfully Signed-in for TubeBuddy. Now you can search on YouTube for any keyword and easily find tags. Search for any keyword or any title on youtube, you will also get a search explorer tab appeared on the right side of the YouTube search result as shown in the picture below. This search explorer will show you related searches for the same keyword you searched for, which will help you in deciding a good title for your video.

Step 6: Now, its time to find the tags of videos. Click on any video appeared in the search result. when you click on the video, the YouTube watch page will appear along with tag explorer on the right side. now you can easily copy those tags and apply on your video.

To copy those tags, click on “copy to” appeared on the bottom-right corner of tag explorer and copy all tags or selected tags and paste them where you want.

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