How to Block Someone on Yahoo Mail

Block Unwanted Senders on Yahoo Mobile and Yahoo Mail

Block Emails on Yahoo

Concise Method to block emails on Yahoo

1. Login to your Yahoo mail account.

2. Click on the settings gear icon.

3. Select the option Blocked addresses from the settings.

4. Click on add new address and type-in the email you want to block.

5. Click Block.

How to Block someone on Yahoo Mail

Want to block emails on Yahoo mail? Well, you’re at the right place. This article teaches you how to block emails on Yahoo. Blocking emails on yahoo means disallowing a sender from sending messages on your yahoo mail. A lot of people ask questions on yahoo forum website like “can you block someone on yahoo mail?” and the answer is yes! You can easily block emails on Yahoo Mail by adding unwanted senders to the Blocked Addresses list. So, if you’re feeling swamped with too many messages in your inbox, keep reading this post and follow the step by step procedure to block unwanted emails on Yahoo. Here’s how do i block someone from emailing me.

Step 1: login to your yahoo mail account.

Step 2: click the gear (settings) icon (appears at to top right corner of screen).

Step 3: select the option “blocked addresses” from the setting’s menu.


Step 4: under the blocked address, click on “add new address” and type the email address of the sender you want to block.

Step 5: Now, click Block and then click Save to save the settings.

Now, the sender will be blocked and you’ll not be able to receive any message from that sender.

How to Block Emails on Yahoo! Mail Basic?

Are you using Yahoo! Mail Basic? You can follow the steps given below to block emails on Yahoo mail basic. Here’s the method.

Step 1: Login to Yahoo mail Basic.

Step 2: select Options from the top Yahoo mail navigation bar drop-down menu (it appears next to your account name).

Step 3: click GO, and select the blocked addresses option under the advance options.

Step 4: Enter the desired email address under Add an address.

Step 5: click + button to add the email address you’ve just entered to the blocked address list.

Now, the address you’ve just entered will be blocked and you’ll not receive any message from that sender. You can block as many people as you want on yahoo mail (500 maximum).
In case you change your mind and want to receive messages from a blocked sender again, you can unblock that person by deleting his/her email address from the blocked addresses list. Here’s how to do that.

How to Unblock Emails on Yahoo?

Step 1: click on the gear icon to open settings.

Step 2: under the advanced options, click Blocked addresses. You’ll see the list off blocked addresses.

Step 4: select the email address you want to unblock from the list.

Step 5: click the trash icon (to remove) and the email address will be unblocked immediately.

So, this is how to block unwanted emails on yahoo. Once you add an email address to blocked address list, you’ll stop receiving messages from that person. However, you can also use email blocker extensions to block automatically block and delete spam messages from yahoo mail, there are tens of free as well as premium email blocker extension available in the market.  

Hope you like this article on how to block emails on Yahoo mobile and yahoo mail.  

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