6 Ways to Block Unwanted Emails

Block unwanted senders on Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL 

Block Unwanted Emails
Are you tired of getting unwanted emails and newsletters in your inbox? Well, you are at the right place. Here’s a perfect way to block all those unwanted emails, offers and newsletters. This article explains how to block unwanted emails. The most effective way to stop getting unwanted emails is to be careful about how and where you use your email address. If you spread your email address over social media and publically accessible sources, you’ll get more and more unwanted emails every day because spammers collect email addresses from these publicly accessible sources to promote their business or to hack email addresses. Therefore, the best way to stop getting unwanted and annoying emails is keeping email address as secret as possible.
In this article, we’re going to share some easy and clever tricks to get rid of unwanted emails and newsletters from unwanted sources. So, if you are feeling infested with too many unwanted emails in your inbox that you don’t want to see, keep reading this post on how to block unwanted emails and follow the simple steps.

Here are some six simple ways to block unwanted emails.

1. Share your Email Address Thriftily

As we discussed above, the more people know your email address, the more unwanted emails you’ll get. So, hide your email id from online spammers and keep it as secret as possible. Don’t share your business email address on publically accessible sources and social media platforms. Deploy an alternative email address for such kind of activities.  

2. Don’t Respond to Unwanted Emails

If you receive an email address and you think it’s a spam message and it shouldn’t be in your inbox, don’t respond to that message and also don’t click any link in the messages. Just mark the message as spam and delete it as soon as possible. Because if you respond to the message, the spammer will track your activity and will send you more and more unwanted email messages like this. So, if you don’t want to receive any unwanted message, don’t respond to any unwanted email message in your inbox.

3. Block Unwanted Senders

Blocking a sender means disallowing him or her to send you further emails. Most of the emails service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and outlook provides a direct option to block unwanted emails. So, if you’re receiving continuous unwanted messages from a particular email address, block that sender as soon as possible. Once you block a sender, your email service provider will not allow the sender to send you any future message hence you’ll not get any unwanted email from the sender again.

4. Report Email Messages as Spam

Email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and outlook provides a feature to report an email message as spam. If you report a message as spam, your email provider will move that particular message to spam folder automatically and it will disallow the sender from sending you any email in future. Thus, if you’re getting too many unnecessary messages from a sender, you can report the message as spam and your email service will do the rest. this would be a good step towards blocking unwanted emails.

5. Set a Spam Filter

If you’ve tried all the above method but still getting dozens of unwanted emails daily in your inbox, it’s time to set up a spam filter rule for incoming messages. This is probably the best way to block unwanted and spam emails. The spam filter is a feature that automatically detects unsolicited and unwanted emails and prevents them from sitting in your primary inbox. All you need to define certain criteria while creating a spam filter rule and spam filtering program will look for these criteria in all incoming messages and will block email messages that meet the criteria. For example, if you want to block adult messages in your inbox, you can create an email filter by setting keyword like “adult”, “porn” in mail control and spam filter program will Block all the incoming emails that contain these words or phrases. So, if you’re feeling swamped with lots of unwanted emails in your inbox, you can create a spam filter rule to block unwanted emails.

6. Use Anti-Spam Software

If you don’t want to spend too much time in manually blocking unwanted emails, you can try using an anti-spam software to block unwanted emails. Anti-spam software or plug-ins are programs that track your email address and block unwanted messages automatically. You can set some criteria for email addresses in anti-spam software and the software will block all the unwanted emails based on the criteria you define. So, if don’t want to make a lot of effort in recognizing and blocking unwanted emails manually, try using an anti-spam software. Some of the best free anti-spam software are Mailwasher, SpamSieve, SpamCop etc.

So, this is how do you stop unwanted emails. Hope you like this article on how to block unwanted emails.

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