3 Ways to Stop Junk Emails on Yahoo

Stop Junk Emails on Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Mobile App


Junk mails also known as unsolicited bulk email (UBE) are basically the identical messages received by many recipients a day. These emails blow up your Yahoo Mail inbox and sometimes you can receive numerous messages that you can miss on to some important emails. Yahoo provides you with various steps if you too are seeing these emails that you do not like to suffer looking through every day and will be deleted automatically by Yahoo mail. This article explains how to stop junk emails on yahoo.
So, here are some tips that you can follow to curb these emails so that your inbox is filled only with significant mails. Read on.

Select Spam Button

Yahoo provides spam button with every mail that you receive. The very simple step that you can follow to stop receiving junk emails would be just to choose spam button from the menu bar of the received mail. Once you do that the mail will directly be transferred to the spam folder. Basically, it let Yahoo know that you don’t want to receive further emails from that sender.

Block Specific Senders

For full-featured Yahoo mail follow these steps. Find out how to stop spam and junk emails on yahoo.

Go to Setting Gear: Initially, you need to hover the mouse cursor over the setting gear icon and select it.

Select Settings: Once you select it, you need to choose settings then a menu bar will appear.

Select Blocked Address: Out of the options that you will see in a bar that appeared after you selected settings you will see blocked address click on it.

Add a recipient: After you click on the blocked address option you will now need to add the email address of the recipients that you want to stop seeing emails from.

Select Block: And when you followed every step until adding recipients, you now need to select block option.

Save it: All you got to do after everything that you followed through is to just save it. And now you are good to go.

For Yahoo mail Basic:

Using Yahoo Mail Basic? Find out how to stop junk emails on Yahoo mail Basic 

Select Options: Once you opened yahoo mail basic tab, you need to now select option from the menu bar.

Select Go: Now the options have appeared before you, select go!

Choose Blocked address: And as you have clicked Go, choose Blocked Addresses.
So, these were some simple steps that you need following to put a stop to these junk emails from 

Yahoo. However, if you still see any spam emails ever again repeat the steps but Yahoo ensures that the specific senders that you blocked before will never be shown again.

Spam Filters

This feature will only work if you have full feature version of Yahoo. So here are some steps that will help you filter the junk emails on yahoo. Continue reading.

Step 1:
Take the mouse cursor over the setting gear icon.

Step 2: Select settings as you hovered over the setting gear icon.

Step 3: Now click on more settings.

Step 4: Click filters on the left sidebar.

Step 5: Now you need to select ‘Add New Filters’ from the filters options.

Step 5: Then, all you need to do is to fill the forms that appear in the right.

Anti-Spam Softwares:

So, this is how to stop junk emails on yahoo by creating spam filter. You can also install various software available just to prevent the spam emails from your Yahoo mail inbox. Here’s a list of some of the best software that you can buy to protect yourself from such emails.

Cactus Spam Filter:

This filter is available online that you can buy for free. It protects your inbox by detecting the spam that has been sent along with the mail. It blocks out any further spam emails to be delivered in Inbox.
Mail matters:
It is, however, a bit expensive but it helps to protect your inbox. It allows you to set your own rules to curb out all spam mails so that you can only receive important emails. It costs around $72/Year.

Mail washer:

This software is much cheaper than Mail Matters and it guarantees zero spam on your yahoo and the device you use. It inspects ay mail before it gets to your inbox. It costs $31/Year.


This software will help you to completely get rid of the spam. It works between the email clients and internet. To recognize the spam faster and at a higher rate possible it uses countless filters. Also, this software won’t cost you a penny!

So, these are some of the best software and extensions that you can use to stop junk emails on your Yahoo mail account. Hope you like this article on how to stop junk emails on Yahoo. 

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